Peter Evans
Founding Partner

Pete has been a decorative painting professional for over 15 years, beginning in his native London where he was first inspired by fellow compatriot Jocasta Innes and her groundbreaking work. Serving his apprenticeship using oil-based paints, which at the time were the only way to create the finishes he favors, Pete brought his old-world skills to the US in 1988. After making Texas his permanent home, he was one of the early students discovering The Faux Effects Decorative Finishing Studio in Vero Beach, Florida where the founder began training decorative painters in his revolutionary new water-based system in the early 90's. Since 1994, Pete has attended many advanced seminars at this school as well as studying advanced stone and marble techniques at Vandalae Studios in Seattle.

Years of experiencing the "feast or famine" of trying to make it solo in the decorative arts gave Pete the idea of establishing a team of decorative painters working together to foster creativity and improve the collective quality of their work. A perfectionist by nature, he was disappointed by much of the crude work he saw being passed off as professional faux finishes. By assembling a talented team, he also saw the potential in being able to undertake large commercial jobs and high-end residences. It was Pete's idea to incorporate architectural ornament into the mix of products and services at K&P, inspiring the company's unique blend of both two- and three-dimensional decorative arts.

Pete's specialties include producing unique multi-dimensional and subtle wall finishes where there is no evidence of "hand" or indication how the effect was achieved. A master at reproducing marble, stone, and specialty metallic finishes, he also serves as the teacher, taskmaster, and role-model for the remainder of the K&P artists. A natural salesman, Pete's enthusiasm and dry British wit infect and motivate both his fellow artists and his clients.

Pete has played rugby since boarding school days, and he still plays, coaches, and watches the game whenever he can. If not on the rugby pitch, his idea of a good time would include a 4-star California pinot noir, a three-course gourmet meal (possibly cooked himself), topped off by a fine cigar, a glass of port, and an evening on the town to hear live music driving a classic British motor car.

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